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brand    Chipset
Webcam 3 EP800
Webcam 5 Philips

OV-511/OV-511+ USB Cameras

This info is extracted from the page:
and only with OV511/OV511+ controllers are listed.

Here's a list of some known USB webcams and cameras. Click on a model name for more specific details. Please note that some models might have multiple separately listed variants.

Manufacturer Model Controller
Avaks AvCam USB-600 OV511
AverMedia InterCam Elite OV511
BestBuy EasyCam U OV511
Creative Video Blaster Webcam 3 OV511 ( at epiniions.com)
D-Link DSB-C100 (Version b) OV511
Hawking Tech PD300 OV511
Hawking Tech UC310 OV511
I-View NetView NV300M OV511
Lifeview RoboCam OV511
Maxxtro CAM22U OV511
Maxell Maxcam (MPCC-1) OV511
MediaForte MV300 OV511
MediaForte PC Vision 300 OV511
Mustek WCam 3X OV511
Philips ToUCam XS (PCVC720K) OV511
Puretek PT-6007 OV511
TCE NetCam 310u OV511
Trust Sp@ceC@m USB OV511
Aiptek HyperVCam Mobile OV511+
Aiptek HyperVCam Fun OV511+
Ezonics EZ USB Cam II OV511+
Maitech AWK-300 OV511+
Genius VideoCam Express OV511+
Hawking Tech UC110 OV511+
Intel Me2Cam OV511+
Lifetek LT 9388 OV511+
Lifeview USB CapView OV511+
Medion MD9388 OV511+
MtekVision Zeca MV402 OV511+
Prochips PCA-3100 OV511+
Samsung AnyCam MPC-M10 OV511+
Suma eON OV511+
TerraTec TerraCam USB Pro OV511+
TEVion MD 9308 OV511+
Trust Sp@ceC@m 200 OV511+
Trust Sp@ceC@m 300 OV511+
Trust Sp@ceC@m 150 OV511+
Webeye 2000B OV511+
TerraTec TerraCam USB (with snapshot button) OV511+