Namazu 2.0 入門
 2.0.12 版
  RedHat Linux/RPM
  MacOS X
  configure, make
  make install
 mknmz と namazu(.cgi)
 make に必要なもの
 upgrade 更新
 configure と make
  ./configure, make
  make check
 make install 前に
 make install
 --help の表示
 動作確認 mknmz
 URL を合わせる
  ~/.mknmzrc での設定
  1. 書き方
  2. 位置
  3. .mknmzrc 内変数
  最初に | は不可
 --indexing-lang 引数
  参照指定 (mknmz)
  参照指定 (namazurc)
参照 (URL's)
 他の方の TIPS
 Namazu で出来ること
  Out of memory!
 dbname -> idxname
 Namazu 採用地点

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Advanced use

For a little bit advanced use of Namazu:

Multiple Index

There may be two cases when 'Mutiple index' come along.
  1. In one machine, server serves multiple index, but those are totally non related.
  2. With one search entry page, the search will made over multiple indexes.
The first case is very simple. The URI (for search entry) may be different, and each URI may have .namazurc in the same directory and they have Following different pointer to the actual namazu index.
Index  hoge
Those may not be refered as 'Multiple Index', but we had an occasion that User asked the question for above case and mentioned as so.

For the second case, you need to generate Index below normal index directory (just specifying so at mknmz execution), and assuming those names are: hoge foo bar, in form tags, say, inside of:

you may have following lines to point hoge, foo, bar indexes.
<input type="hidden" name="idxname" value="hoge">
<input type="hidden" name="idxname" value="foo">
<input type="hidden" name="idxname" value="bar">
Also you may use 'checkbox' facility to specify those indexes.

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